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Advantages for Suppliers Using OrderPortals.com

As a business supplying product and services to other businesses you are likely not the only game in town for the things you provide. One of the biggest advantages to getting your customers onto OrderPortals.com is that if they are looking to replace you as a supplier you will be notified of that. Giving you the opportunity to approach them with a better deal or just find out why they aren’t getting the satisfaction out of your service that they want.

OrderPortals.com for suppliers is arranged on a no purchase, no fee basis. Meaning that if your clients don’t order, the service costs you nothing. Instead there is small percentage on sales invoiced to you monthly that is reduced when you refer more customers to us. Our motivation isn’t to reduce your profits, it is to facilitate ease of ordering for your clients thus keeping them with you for longer.

What’s more, as a partner supplier of OrderPortals.com you are entered into a referral system so if a client is looking at adding new suppliers to their order portal we make sure they see you first.

Contact us today to find out how OrderPortals.com can increase your ability to reach and retain clients!

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